The Beginning

In 1967, three friends were living in Washington: Skip, an outdoor enthusiast; Murray, an engineer; and Jan, an accomplished seamstress.

So, when Murray won a design award from the Alcoa Company for creating the first adjustable aluminum backpack frame, a bit of karma began to take flight. Murray asked his girlfriend, Jan, to create a backpack pattern for his new aluminum frame, and promised her that if it was a success he’d name the company after her. It was, he did, and the JanSport® Brand came to life.

Over 50 Years

Of Outdoor Exploration

At 14,410 ft., Mount Rainier is an inspiration.

To our founders, Skip, Jan, and Murray, it was also their headquarters for adventure, where campsites blew away in the wind, nights were spent huddled together in snow caves, and an amazing sunrise rewarded those who made the summit.

In 1972, they began inviting their friends along on what is now the longest consecutive group climb on Mt. Rainier, and an annual JanSport event. The mountain remains a place for us to test our products and ourselves, explore, and share the great outdoors with friends.

Our Product

Not so long ago, students just carried schoolbooks in their hands.

But one day, some University of Washington students discovered JanSport hiking packs and started using them to keep their books dry in the rain. Then and there the campus daypack was born, soon to be known as the SuperBreak.

Since then, we’ve designed packs, bags and outdoor gear to equip you for great adventures and the kind that happen every day. We’re committed to making durable, functional, versatile products you can count on, whether you’re headed into a long day, out with friends or going off the grid. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1967.

Our Values

JanSport is with you for Life.

All of our bags come with a lifetime warranty. Because good stuff should last. If one of our bags breaks, we’ll replace it or fix it. No questions asked.

We’re in this together.

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